tattoo care

Before your appointments

Please Note:
1. Make sure you are well rested.
2. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol the eve prior to your appointment.
3. Make sure you are not affected by drugs or alcohol whilst attending your appointment. You will NOT be tattooed.
4. Make sure you have eaten prior to your appointment.
5. Drink plenty of water.
6. CANCELLATIONS: 48 hours notice is required.
You must inform us, or you will lose your deposit & a new one will be required.

After your appointments

Please Note:
1. Use 'Vaseline' cream to help heal your new tattoo.
2. After two hour you can remove your bandage & dispose responsibly.
3. Have a lukewarm shower & pat your tattoo dry.
4. Apply cream sparingly; continue to do so 5 times daily for a two week period.
5. It should take two weeks to heal.
6. Don’t pick or scratch the tattoo while it’s healing.
7. Avoid direct sunlight on your new tattoo.
8. Do not swim or soak your healing tattoo in water. You can wash it as normal in the shower.
9. Keep your tattoo clean.
10. Once your tattoo is healed you should apply sunscreen to help it remain crisp & colorful.

Call or come & see us if you feel you have any concerns with the healing of your tattoo.

Ok we've done our job, now you do yours, Enjoy!