About us

Here at Magical Tattoo we offer a friendly, personal tattooing service with honest and thoughtful consultation. We take the time to consider every customer's individual needs, aiming to give you a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Creatively, i am dedicated to constantly expanding the artwork for our clients to choose from. If you've got a good idea of what you would like before you come to us, that's a great head start. Otherwise, you could be browsing through books and flash material for many hours!
We encourage you try to bring ideas, printouts or rough sketches to your consultation. This is an important part of the process, giving our tattooist a clear idea of what you want and, most importantly, helping to get your design tailored and personal to you.   

magical Tattoo studio's rules

1.New needles for every customer.
2.Needles and tubes kept in sealed & sterile packs & conditions.
3.Sterile Disposable rubber gloves for every customer
4.Special Focus on personal hygiene.